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# Project Tracker ID Source Status Priority Standard(s) Subject Updated
6256 IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Bug Resolved Normal

IEC 61850-7-4

IEC 61850-7-4 list of abbreviations 06/06/2023 08:32 AM Actions
6263 IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Bug Resolved Normal

IEC 61850-6

GOOSE MinTime / Max Time - Probable discrepancy between Part-6 and Part-8 06/20/2023 08:44 AM Actions
6622 IEC 61850 TPWG Bug Rejected Normal Test case Ttf1 (mustUnderstand) for the ICT conformance test needs clarification 12/12/2023 08:19 AM Actions
6596 IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Bug Resolved Normal Simulation Mode with Centralized Protection 11/21/2023 08:32 AM Actions
6226 IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Bug Resolved Normal In the downgrading rules from ed 2.1 to ed 2.0 in part 6, it is mentionned to exclude ORS CDC (I.4.2.4). Why CDCs: CST, VSD and TCS that were also added in ed2.1 are not mentionned to be excluded also ? 06/05/2023 01:58 AM Actions
6246 IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Feature Resolved Normal

IEC 61850-6

ExtRef cannot specify a Poll intended to be implemented as a GetDataSetValues request  06/05/2023 01:58 AM Actions
6207 IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Improvement Resolved Normal

IEC 61850-6

How to manage update of an IEDName or LDName for object references when valImport is false 06/05/2023 01:58 AM Actions
6370 IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Improvement Resolved Normal SBOns to be deprecated in future. 06/20/2023 09:39 AM Actions
5968 IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Improvement Resolved Normal Change the diagrams in 7-500 to not use yellow lines 06/05/2023 01:58 AM Actions
5921 General Testing Issues Improvement Resolved Normal Start using Vendor and Lab Submission Information 09/06/2022 09:33 AM Actions
6710 Server Issues In Progress Normal sSrv13 does not specify that the lower hierarchy Mod.stVal shall not change 02/20/2024 09:09 AM Actions
6697 Server Issues In Progress Normal sRpN9 does not specify the expected access error by negative response on SetURCBValues 02/20/2024 09:18 AM Actions
6688 Client Issues In Progress Normal cSrvN10 - Ed1 specific error codes do not exist for MMS GetNameList 02/20/2024 08:46 AM Actions
6685 GOOSE Performance Issues In Progress Normal Device need to be certified for Ed2.1 server first 02/20/2024 08:50 AM Actions
6674 Server Issues Resolved Normal Discuss changes to submission form and Certificates 02/20/2024 08:17 AM Actions
6658 Server Issues Resolved Normal Certificate template page 1 and page 2 seems to be disconnected 01/09/2024 08:32 AM Actions
6657 Server Issues Resolved Low Annex H certificate 9c missing (xx/xx) 01/09/2024 08:29 AM Actions
6655 Client Issues Resolved Normal cLogN5 is missing in table A4.2 and certificate template 01/09/2024 08:28 AM Actions
6654 Client Issues Resolved Normal Tracking numbering mismatch Ed2 <> Ed2.1 01/09/2024 08:27 AM Actions
6653 Server Issues Rejected Normal sFt2c does deletable means everything else is not deletable 01/09/2024 08:19 AM Actions
6652 Server Issues Resolved Low sFt2 Delete File text size is too big 01/09/2024 08:08 AM Actions
6651 Server Issues Resolved Low TemplatePixitServer chapter description typo 01/09/2024 08:05 AM Actions
6650 Server Issues Resolved Low TemplatePixitServerEd1Ed2_rev20 Ct26 typo 01/09/2024 08:05 AM Actions
6633 Server Issues Resolved Normal sRp15, sBr15 test description contains doName="MMXU...", while MMXU is lnClass, not doName 01/09/2024 09:03 AM Actions
6631 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal tTf1 (mustUnderstand) for the ICT test needs clarification 01/09/2024 08:59 AM Actions
6617 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal tIieN1 - can a popup warning be considered as 'not allowed' 12/12/2023 08:58 AM Actions
6614 Server Issues Resolved Normal New DO required for routable GOOSE and SMV service tracking - 1701 01/09/2024 08:46 AM Actions
6598 Server Issues Resolved Normal Using the same dataset in URCB, BRCB and GoCB 01/09/2024 08:45 AM Actions
6595 Server Issues Resolved High Configuration and datamodel test cases not applicable for test equipment 11/28/2023 08:20 AM Actions
6591 Server Issues Rejected Normal sSg11 - Non-volatile property test (for various FCs) 11/14/2023 08:38 AM Actions
6590 Server Issues Rejected Normal sGopN2 - The clear meaning of too large a dataset 11/14/2023 08:58 AM Actions
6589 Server Issues Rejected Normal Create DataSets with Multiple Clients (for example, sDsN4) 11/14/2023 08:48 AM Actions
6568 Server Issues Rejected Normal The definition of LTMS.TmSrc is different in the actual AMD1 and Consolidated Version - 1846 11/14/2023 08:37 AM Actions
6565 Server Issues Rejected Normal Added more precise qualifications to TmSrcTyp - 1883 11/14/2023 09:03 AM Actions
6541 Server Issues Resolved Normal sMdl15 allow SCL floating point value can have minor difference in DUT 01/09/2024 08:44 AM Actions
6520 SCL Tooling Issues Rejected Normal ICT Ed2.1 refers to TICS but there no part 6 tissues 10/31/2023 08:35 AM Actions
6519 Server Issues Resolved Normal Need to be able to test 61850-7-420 (Ed2.1) 10/03/2023 08:15 AM Actions
6518 Server Issues Resolved Normal Functional constraint object non-volatility ambiguous - TISSUE 1822 01/09/2024 08:43 AM Actions
6491 Server Issues Resolved Low Incorrect reference 08/08/2023 08:53 AM Actions
6490 Client Issues Resolved Normal UCAiug requires Ed2Amd1 Jan 2024 - expect testlabs/toolvendors need more time 08/22/2023 08:16 AM Actions
6489 GOOSE Performance Issues Resolved Normal Reducing the needed resources for time correlated subscribed GOOSE not used for ping-pong 01/23/2024 08:05 AM Actions
6488 GOOSE Performance Issues Resolved Low Incorrect reference 09/05/2023 08:08 AM Actions
6483 Server Issues Resolved Normal Need to be able to test 61850-7-420 09/05/2023 08:14 AM Actions
6473 Server Issues Resolved Normal Inconsistency in LPHD requirements - Tissue 1752 10/03/2023 08:09 AM Actions
6472 Server Issues Rejected Normal Concept of smpRate for input analogue signal acquisition is misleading (Tissue 1857) 08/22/2023 08:22 AM Actions
6471 Client Issues Resolved Normal Select.response+ (Tissue 1753) 08/22/2023 08:10 AM Actions
6470 Server Issues Resolved Normal SynchSrcID support mandatory for devices that support IEC 61850-9-3 (tissue 1692) 08/08/2023 08:41 AM Actions
6469 Server Issues Resolved Normal Type and size of Length field value (TLV) encoding in SV 07/25/2023 08:14 AM Actions
6466 Server Issues Rejected Normal TP1.2 sSvs1 step 6 shall be removed 07/11/2023 08:33 AM Actions
6465 GOOSE Performance Issues Resolved Normal The Ed2 GOOSE performance also apply for Ed2Amd1 08/08/2023 08:42 AM Actions
6464 Client Issues Resolved Normal cSrv5 change the condition to GetDataValues or Reporting 07/11/2023 08:38 AM Actions
6463 Client Issues Resolved Normal cSrv7, cSvrN3 some clients only read DA (not DO) 07/25/2023 08:07 AM Actions
6455 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvs4 test case in TP1.2 needs further udpate after #5130, PIXIT entry Svs3 needs update as well 08/22/2023 08:12 AM Actions
6453 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvs8 the minimum svID length 4chars is not right against test case sSvp14 07/25/2023 08:09 AM Actions
6365 Server Issues Rejected Normal Considering PTP version 2.1 07/11/2023 08:12 AM Actions
6327 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal tTf2 - export CID file only for Ed2.1? 05/16/2023 08:20 AM Actions
6326 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal tIie1 - remove step 10-14 to undo previous changes 05/16/2023 08:09 AM Actions
6325 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal PIXIT missing entries on tIie1 "when supported" 05/16/2023 08:04 AM Actions
6324 SCL Tooling Issues Rejected Normal sCnf6 - not all extRef require intAddr not referring to external device 05/16/2023 08:44 AM Actions
6323 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal tTtf5 IED name=None is not allowed tissue #1365 05/02/2023 08:20 AM Actions
6320 Server Issues Resolved Low Ct24 description uses not defined in the standard term: Internal Controllable Objects 05/02/2023 08:13 AM Actions
6291 Server Issues Resolved Normal sGos13 - Remove/deprecate PIXIT Gs12 03/21/2023 08:07 AM Actions
6281 Server Issues Resolved Normal Templates for Ed. 2.1 conformance statements 05/16/2023 08:41 AM Actions
6280 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSBOes8 check Cancel consistency with SelectWithValue 07/25/2023 08:12 AM Actions
6279 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSBOns8 - Test and Check in Cancel after Select request 07/11/2023 08:25 AM Actions
6278 Server Issues Resolved Normal Test case sSBOes1, sDOes1 miss referring to PIXIT entries 05/16/2023 08:28 AM Actions
6277 Server Issues Resolved Normal sCtl4 (stSeld) shall be mandatory in Ed2 Amend 1 03/21/2023 04:49 AM Actions
6276 Server Issues Resolved Normal sGop13 does not consider that dataset with maximumAttributes number of FCD may be too big for GOOSE 05/16/2023 08:26 AM Actions
6269 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSrv9, sSrv10: change Table 3 to Table D.1 reference 03/21/2023 07:13 AM Actions
6268 Server Issues Resolved Normal sCtl5 step 6 and step10 expected result does not apply to control objects without physical output 05/16/2023 08:24 AM Actions
6255 Server Issues Resolved Normal ED2.0 TP2.0.6 has sGos23 but PIXIT template misses the entry Gs13 while in TP1.2 ED2.1 the Gs13 has Amd1 Ed only 03/21/2023 08:27 AM Actions
6227 Server Issues Resolved Normal sDoc5 GSESettings/SMVsettings apply for SendGOOSE/SMVmessage not SetGoCBValues/SetMsvCBValues 01/24/2023 08:44 AM Actions
6215 Server Issues Resolved Low ED2 Amendment 1 TP1.2 Editorial - Change references to Table 54 -> Table 21 01/24/2023 08:48 AM Actions
6214 Server Issues Resolved Normal ED2 sCtl14 refer to PIXIT entry Ct16 which is a ED1 only PIXIT entry 01/24/2023 08:55 AM Actions
6213 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvsN1 - confRev-1 not possible for backwards config 01/24/2023 08:59 AM Actions
6211 Server Issues Resolved Normal TP1.2 Certificate tempalte makes sSvP12 mandatory while it shall be optional 01/24/2023 09:00 AM Actions
6210 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvs4 remove PIXIT entry Svs3 02/21/2023 08:09 AM Actions
6208 Server Issues Rejected Normal sSvsN2 in TP1.2 does not check the situation where the DUT checks ConfRev 03/21/2023 08:20 AM Actions
6206 Server Issues Rejected Normal Type and size of Length field value (TLV) encoding in SV 01/11/2023 06:19 AM Actions
6203 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvs6 - Test configuration does not consider available bandwidth 02/07/2023 08:19 AM Actions
6201 Server Issues Resolved Normal Merge sCnf and sMdl changes from ICT to Server 02/07/2023 08:07 AM Actions
6200 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal tTf1 change Ed2/2007B to Ed2.1/2007B4 01/24/2023 08:33 AM Actions
6198 Server Issues Resolved Normal How to interpret SCL with Services element in the IED and in the AccessPoint? 01/10/2023 08:51 AM Actions
6193 Server Issues Resolved Normal sRpN5 does not test for the case where URCBs are association based (non-indexed). 02/07/2023 08:17 AM Actions
6192 Server Issues Resolved Normal Polarity of neutral in WYE 01/24/2023 08:37 AM Actions
6188 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSBOns8 does not consider PIXIT Ct13 12/13/2022 08:38 AM Actions
6174 Server Issues Rejected Normal Amend sCtl7 to test both interlocking check and check synchronizing ? 02/07/2023 08:24 AM Actions
6172 Client Issues Resolved Normal client check bits must be tested 12/13/2022 08:34 AM Actions
6169 Server Issues Resolved Normal verify IED can subscribe to GOOSE/SV from ServerAt accesspoint 01/10/2023 08:35 AM Actions
6157 Server Issues Resolved Normal sCnf/sMdl not applicable for test equipment 11/29/2022 08:37 AM Actions
5961 Server Issues Resolved Normal sCtl16 shall specify LocSta/MltLev to match with table B.1 12/13/2022 08:08 AM Actions
5959 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvp3 remove random and allow synSourceID=TRUE for backwards compatible config 10/04/2022 09:01 AM Actions
5958 Server Issues Resolved Normal sTm2 allow a more accurate Time Accuracy as documented 10/04/2022 08:57 AM Actions
5957 Server Issues Resolved Normal sRp16 should not reference TISSUE 1332, it was finalized as N/A 10/04/2022 08:46 AM Actions
5956 Server Issues Resolved Normal sBr23 should not reference TISSUES 1467, 1477 which are finalized as N/A 10/04/2022 08:46 AM Actions
5954 Server Issues Resolved Normal sGop10 detail test missing 09/06/2022 08:47 AM Actions
5948 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvp22 detail is missing in TP1.2 (editorial) 09/06/2022 08:48 AM Actions
5926 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal Review ICT TP 11/29/2022 07:23 AM Actions
5917 Server Issues Resolved Urgent 'Expected result' for some test cases of CB9b: GOOSE subscribe 10/18/2022 08:59 AM Actions
5914 Server Issues Resolved Normal Verify that LPHD.Sim is not affected by LLN0.Beh 11/29/2022 08:20 AM Actions
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