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Device need to be certified for Ed2.1 server first

Added by Richard Schimmel 3 months ago. Updated 4 days ago.

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We need to add a requirement in the GOOSE performance test procedures that the DUT has passed the server conformance test before it can pass the GOOSE performance test (for the same edition). For example it's not allowed that an Ed2 certified server receives an Ed2.1 GOOSE performance certificate.

Proposal update 4.3 last sentence to: The DUT has passed the GOOSE performance test when all test cases are passed and it has passed the server conformance test for the same edition

Similar for test lab accreditation: the test lab is only allowed to issue Goose performance certificates when it has been accredited for server as well. WE propose to updated the QAP.


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This goes in accreditation docs rather than QAP.


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Herb to update.


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