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Clean up transformer documentation - Margaret removed paragraphs from Part-11 and see where they fit [GMDM #5] (align xf descriptions in 61870-301, -457 and 61968-11, -13)

Added by Yang Feng over 1 year ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Margaret has decided to remove the some of the paragraphs describing distribution network models (e.g., distribution transformer, tap changer... more can be found in the attached document) from Part-11 documents.
These paragraphs should be reviewed and re-applied to where they fit, either in 301 or Part-13 document.

Pat Brown wrote
This Redmine issue is focused on cleaning up transformer documentation that currently exists in multiple locations: 61970-301 template, 61968-11 template, 61970-452 template, 61968-13 template and UML.
Other Redmine issues focus on transformer modelling improvements (esp. for transformers modelled with tanks):
- Redmine 5302: association from TransformerTank to TransformerTankInfo
- Redmine 6147 [GMDM #1]: streamlining of tank-based transformer modelling
- Redmine 6148 [GMDM #2]: TapChanger and TapChangerInfo .ctRatio, .ptRatio attributes
- Redmine 6341 [GMDM #4]: support for transformer type description / derivation


Transmission Template Text.docx Transmission Template Text.docx 102 KB xf description from 61968-11 Yang Feng, 06/02/2022 03:54 PM
Transformer references.pdf View Transformer references.pdf 1.24 MB xf descriptions from 61970-301, -457, 61968-13 & UML Pat has .docx of this .pdf Pat Brown, 05/24/2023 04:52 AM
GMDM 5 - Clear guidance on appropriate use of CIM classes for transformer instance modeling.docx GMDM 5 - Clear guidance on appropriate use of CIM classes for transformer instance modeling.docx 2.94 MB Pat Brown, 05/24/2023 04:52 AM


06/01/2022 - WG13 reviewed the paragraph and decided to 'bundle' these together with latest GMDM IOP related to distribution transformer modeling (e.g., GMDM Issue #5). It is therefore the case that certain contents of the paragraphs are obsolete and need to be adjusted accordingly. WG13 has already reached to the consensus that these contents need to be discussed under the context of Part-13, but is not sure who is the lead/owner on the document. Will sort it out together with GMDM updates

WG13 reviewed this again on 12-Jun-2023 in Oslo. The decision made was:

- In thinking this through more thoroughly we have decided that this is best left in IEC 61968-11 for the time being and moved as a part of the documentation clean up effort following unbalanced transformer modeling/streamlining.
- Our ask therefore is that Margaret put this back into Part 11 (since it is not yet published) and then plan in a future edition to remove this section and move it to IEC 61970-301

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