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04:27 PM CIM Issues CIM Issues #6454 (New): RemoteUnit minor typo in 301 description
The following paragraph is included as part of the UML description (301) of RemoteUnit:
"The communication with the ...
Yang Feng
10:04 AM WG13 Issues CIM Issues #6452 (Closed): Allow multiple RatioTapChanger on one TransformerEnd
The current cardinality only allows one RatioTapChanger to be associated to a PowerTransformerEnd. I've come across m... Yang Feng
09:48 AM WG13 Issues CIM Issues #6451 (Closed): Cardinality inconsistency for PowerElectronicsConnection<->PowerElectronicsUnit between canonical model and profile
The cardinality of PowerElectronicsConnection<->PowerElectronicsUnit is 1:0..* for the canonical model, while the car... Yang Feng


04:52 AM WG13 Issues CIM Issues #6148 (Review): [GMDM #2] TapChanger and TapChangerInfo .ctRating, .ctRatio and .ptRatio attributes
For the GMDM IOP, 3 attributes were copied from TapChangerInfo to TapChanger: .ctRating, .ctRatio and .ptRatio. This ... Yang Feng
04:40 AM WG13 Issues CIM Issues #6147 (New): [GMDM #1] Streamlining of tank-based transformer modelling
Currently, the modelling of an unbalanced (tank-based) transformer can be accomplished in a variety of ways, using a ... Yang Feng


09:48 PM WG13 Issues CIM Issues #5307 (Closed): test
Yang Feng
09:48 PM WG13 Issues CIM Issues #5307 (Review): test
Yang Feng
09:47 PM WG13 Issues CIM Issues #5307 (Open): test
Yang Feng
09:46 PM WG13 Issues CIM Issues #5313: Better description for governorSCD
WG13 has agreed to include the equation to replace the context, the proposed context will be sent to WG13 for review ... Yang Feng
09:34 PM WG13 Issues CIM Issues #5339: Copyright statement to be included in the 301 template
Statement has been added. Leave this ticket open as it looks like that IEC did not agree with the proposed changes in... Yang Feng

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