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07:55 PM WG13 Issues CIM Issues #6811 (New): Clean up Equivalent modelling descriptions and classnames
During hybrid meetings in Tokyo on 13-Jun-2024 we reviewed the Equivalent* classes and attributes as it pertains to t... Todd Viegut


06:53 PM WG13 Issues CIM Issues #6809 (New): Migrate approved Ext* Protection Equipment and Network Code extensions into normative CIM
During the Joint TF Hybrid meetings in Tokyo we are performing review of the current Protection Equipment and Network... Todd Viegut


11:40 PM WG13 Issues CIM Issues #6808 (New): Determine if we can have BusbarSection and Junction on a single ConnectivityNode
Section in the 301 jCleanCim template has, for CIM18, a new paragraph on BusbarSection and Junction classes. ... Todd Viegut


10:51 AM WG13 Issues CIM Issues #6786: Add clarification that BaseVoltage.nominalVoltage is line-to-line
Part of today's discussion is that the BaseVoltage (being associated with VoltageLevel) is the operat...
Todd Viegut


11:37 AM CIM Joint Issues CIM Issues #6757: BasicIntervalSchedule and RegularIntervalSchedule
09-May-2024 Reviewed in our monthly Joint TF modeling proposal call. In the description of this issue we identified t... Todd Viegut


07:48 PM Market Operations CIM Issues #6778: RegisteredDistributedResource vs RegisteredResource attributes
Per Scott's request migrating this to WG16 redmine. Todd Viegut
07:47 PM Market Operations CIM Issues #6775: ResourceRegistrationStatus Improvements
Per Scott's request moving this into WG16 redmine. Todd Viegut
07:46 PM Market Operations CIM Issues #6774: MarketEvent eventType Description
Per Scott's request am moving this into WG16 Markets. Assuming this is market operations (?) Todd Viegut


01:51 PM WG13 Issues CIM Issues #6773 (New): DC device containment rules need to be updated
DCNode does not have a 452 constraint and all other DCConductingEquipment are contained in a DCConverterUnit which wi... Todd Viegut


11:31 AM CIM Joint Issues CIM Issues #6757: BasicIntervalSchedule and RegularIntervalSchedule
17-Apr-2024 Reviewed in our weekly call:
Review this with both UCA TF14 & TF16 to determine if they have need of t...
Todd Viegut

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