CIM Issues #5375

Updated by Pat Brown 7 months ago

Margaret has decided to remove the some of the paragraphs describing distribution network models (e.g., distribution transformer, tap changer... more can be found in the attached document) from Part-11 documents. 
 These paragraphs should be reviewed and re-applied to where they fit, either in 301 or Part-13 document. 

 Pat Brown wrote 
 This Redmine issue is focused on cleaning up transformer documentation that currently exists in multiple locations: 61970-301 template, 61968-11 template, 61970-452 template, 61968-13 template and UML.  
 Other Redmine issues focus on transformer modelling improvements (esp. for transformers modelled with tanks): 
  - Redmine 5302: association from TransformerTank to TransformerTankInfo 
  - Redmine 6147 [GMDM #1]: streamlining of tank-based transformer simplifying electrical parameter modelling for transformers modelled with tanks 
  - Redmine 6148 [GMDM #2]: TapChanger and TapChangerInfo .ctRatio, .ptRatio attributes 
  - Redmine 6341 [GMDM #4]: support for transformer type description / derivation