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# Project Tracker ID Source Status Priority Standard(s) Subject Updated
6619 CIM Joint Issues CIM Issues New High

IEC61968-3 thru IEC61968-11, IEC61970-301, IEC62325-301

Renaming the CIM UML Model Packages 12/05/2023 12:37 PM Actions
6656 CIM Joint Issues CIM Issues New Normal Add altitudeCompensation to EndDeviceInfo 12/21/2023 10:20 AM Actions
6677 CIM Joint Issues CIM Issues New Normal

IEC61968-11 Edition 4, IEC62325-301 Edition 4

Document Class Generalization Refinement 02/08/2024 10:33 AM Actions
6729 CIM Joint Issues CIM Issues New Normal Multi-commodity Support 03/07/2024 11:10 AM Actions
6730 CIM Joint Issues CIM Issues New Normal Evaluation of the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) 03/07/2024 11:09 AM Actions
6757 CIM Joint Issues CIM Issues New High BasicIntervalSchedule and RegularIntervalSchedule 05/09/2024 11:49 AM Actions
6789 CIM Joint Issues CIM Issues New Normal Need new cdPerm2 enumerated value for Unit Symbol 05/16/2024 03:29 PM Actions
636 Client Issues Resolved High Mandate RCB reservation for Ed2.0 client and Amd1 server 04/20/2021 02:23 PM Actions
658 Client Issues Resolved Normal Verify Client does process a report before RptEna write respond+ 06/01/2021 08:23 AM Actions
3115 Client Issues Resolved Normal Forward compatibility to Amd1 server with pre-assigned URCB/BRCB 06/14/2022 08:35 AM Actions
5327 Client Issues Resolved Normal PIXIT - add processing/mapping of quality bits 06/28/2022 09:44 AM Actions
6172 Client Issues Resolved Normal client check bits must be tested 12/13/2022 08:34 AM Actions
6463 Client Issues Resolved Normal cSrv7, cSvrN3 some clients only read DA (not DO) 07/25/2023 08:07 AM Actions
6464 Client Issues Resolved Normal cSrv5 change the condition to GetDataValues or Reporting 07/11/2023 08:38 AM Actions
6471 Client Issues Resolved Normal Select.response+ (Tissue 1753) 08/22/2023 08:10 AM Actions
6490 Client Issues Resolved Normal UCAiug requires Ed2Amd1 Jan 2024 - expect testlabs/toolvendors need more time 08/22/2023 08:16 AM Actions
6654 Client Issues Resolved Normal Tracking numbering mismatch Ed2 <> Ed2.1 01/09/2024 08:27 AM Actions
6655 Client Issues Resolved Normal cLogN5 is missing in table A4.2 and certificate template 01/09/2024 08:28 AM Actions
6688 Client Issues Resolved Normal cSrvN10 - Ed1 specific error codes do not exist for MMS GetNameList 04/02/2024 08:42 AM Actions
6724 Client Issues In Progress Normal GOOSE Subscriber sGos12 test expects DUT to _send_ a GOOSE message 07/23/2024 08:14 AM Actions
6727 Client Issues Resolved Normal cDsN1bc, cFtN2 have no non-Ed2 specific error code 04/02/2024 08:42 AM Actions
6728 Client Issues Resolved Normal cSg13 refers to PIXIT entry Sg5/Sg6 but not clarified in the expected result 05/28/2024 08:17 AM Actions
6776 Client Issues Resolved Normal cSBOns4 requires different control value 05/28/2024 08:07 AM Actions
6777 Client Issues Resolved Normal SCD import and Tool Functionality test procedures 05/28/2024 08:05 AM Actions
6792 Client Issues Resolved High Discrepancies between certificate tables and testprocedures - client testprocedure 06/11/2024 08:06 AM Actions
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