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Verify Client does process a report before RptEna write respond+

Added by Richard Schimmel over 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Add new testcase see file 20210601
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The Ed2.0 standard allows a server to already send a report before the SetxRCBValues(RptEna=T) respond (tissue 1454). Some clients do not accept a report before the respond+; such clients are wrong and should fail the conformance test. We need to add a testcase to verify that clients do process report before the respond+ for both buffered/unbuffered reporting



Updated by Bruce Muschlitz about 3 years ago

  • Triggering Tissue changed from Tissue 1454 to

Updated by Richard Schimmel about 3 years ago

Attached proposed solution

1. Force the DUT to Configure and enable an URCB with a valid data set
2. Force the SERVER SIMULATOR to send a report with a new data value before the enable response


Updated by Bruce Muschlitz about 3 years ago

Suggestion: Extend to test if a report is sent before or after response to write
Rationale: All other test could have had the server simulator configured to send report before write.response so both tests are needed here

Suggestion: Add same test for Buffered reports
Rationale: buffered and unbuffered report can use different paths through the protocol handler


Updated by Richard Schimmel about 3 years ago

TPWG reviewed previous version and processed the comments - we added step 3 and 4 see attachment 20210601

This procedure will be copied to Ed2Amd1 automatically.

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