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Test Procedure Issues IEC61850_TPWG_DEVELOPER, IEC61850_TPWG_REPORTER 09/10/2021
Client IEC61850_TPWG_DEVELOPER, IEC61850_TPWG_REPORTER 02/22/2021
GOOSE Performance IEC61850_TPWG_DEVELOPER, IEC61850_TPWG_REPORTER 02/22/2021
SCL Tooling IEC61850_TPWG_DEVELOPER, IEC61850_TPWG_REPORTER 02/22/2021
Server IEC61850_TPWG_DEVELOPER, IEC61850_TPWG_REPORTER 02/22/2021



09:06 AM IEC TC57 WG10 Future Work WG10FutureWork #6265 (New): track changes in SCL to know when a device needs to be updated based on new SCD version
Following discussion in Kansas City about the usage of ConfRev for gooses, it has been clearly identified that ConfRe... Camille Bloch


07:34 AM IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Improvement #6207 (Resolved): How to manage update of an IEDName or LDName for object references when valImport is false
As per ObjectReference definition, the reference is including the IEDName or the ldName this mean two cases are possi... Camille Bloch


03:03 AM Server Issues #6198: How to interpret SCL with Services element in the IED and in the AccessPoint?
add solution Camille Bloch


07:18 AM IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Feature #5331 (Resolved): Multiple LNodes implemented by same LN
From IOP discussions:
"When a specification defines multiple LNodes in the specification which are implemented by th...
Camille Bloch


11:57 AM IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Improvement #5330 (Resolved): LNode iedName attribute usage needs to be clarified
During IOP 2021, an SST was using the iedName attribute of LNode to specify the expected IED to implement the LNode i... Camille Bloch
10:46 AM IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Improvement #5329 (Resolved): Clarify iedType attribute usage in DataTypeTemplates
In IEC 61850-6 edition 2 amendment 1, iedType attribute in LNodeType has been deprecated and same attribute has been ... Camille Bloch

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