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How to interpret SCL with Services element in the IED and in the AccessPoint?

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I found this statement in IEC 61850-6



Updated by John Bruder over 1 year ago

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I found a statement in IEC 61850-6 saying that "As a general rule each element of the Services section shall only be used either at IED level ... or at access point level".

Is it practical for SCL tools to enforce that "rule"?
Should a conformance test enforce that "rule"?

If not, I would assume that if a setting is present in both places, the setting in the "access point" should take precedence.

Is that a reasonable assumption?


Updated by Herbert Falk over 1 year ago

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Need to formulate a test for both Client and Servers. Need new scnf tests.

In general, the AP is the authority of the service capability and APs must declare what they support if they are different than the IED. In the case where they are different the services should not be reflected in the IED section. The exception is the count of control blocks for communication and subscription.


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Proposal accepted.


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