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track changes in SCL to know when a device needs to be updated based on new SCD version

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IEC 61850-6

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Following discussion in Kansas City about the usage of ConfRev for gooses, it has been clearly identified that ConfRev is an indicator for runtime about change which may have an impact on the runtime but without other way to identify it. This is way today, ConfRev is limited to Dataset update tracking.

Regarding the engineering of the system, this is not enough to identify when a device needs to be updated after a new version of the SCD.

We need for example to know each time a communication parameter of a goose has change imply the reconfiguration of the subscribers of the goose message.

As ConfRev is related to runtime, we need an additional mechanism.

A proposal has been done in 2017 which was never implemented in SCL. We need to review it and integrate the link with the new SCL version tracking bring with Ed2 AMD 2


ChangeTrackingInSclV4.pptx ChangeTrackingInSclV4.pptx 324 KB Proposal for SCL changes tracking done in 2017 Camille Bloch, 02/14/2023 09:03 AM

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IEC 61850-6 ed2 AMD 2 introduce the concept of file UUID which can be referenced by other SCL files to track the file usage during engineering process, and the required SCD file to configure an IED.

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