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Is it neccessary to add test case to check Cancel consistency with SelectWithValue

Added by Hua Qin 3 months ago. Updated 11 days ago.

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Test case sSBOes8 is checking the consistency of Operate request and SelectWithValue.
Is it necessary to add a test case coping this test case and change Operate to Cancel?



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Agree - sSBOes8 abstract test case states "verify Operate or Cancel" but the detailed test procedure only verifies 'Operate' not the Cancel.
Propose to extend sSBOes8 with Cancel part in a similar way as sSBOns8


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Remove 6.f and 6.g because device can do a plausibility check.

Richard to update


Updated by Richard Schimmel 12 days ago

removed Cancel.Test and Cancel.Check from the test procedure. Updated solution


Updated by Hua Qin 11 days ago

step 6, the expected result shall be Cancel response- because this is the Enhanced control model.

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