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06:14 AM Server Issues #6365 (Rejected): Considering PTP version 2.1
Latest "Conformance Test Procedures for Server Devices with IEC 61850-8-1 ,Edition 2 Amendment 1 interface Revision R... christian zehnder


07:02 AM Server Issues #6142 (Closed): TemplatePics_Ed1Ed2Ed2p1_Excel_rev3p1 contains wrong comment for T2

Assume its a typo in the latest PICS template on ACSI Service tab for T2:
T3 (µs) (<= 25 µs), 15 <= T3 < ...
christian zehnder


10:39 AM Server Issues #5289: Ed2.1 Server TP 1.1 Does not include 2.0 server PIXIT Gs12
In latest ServerTP_Ed2.0_2.0.6 sGos23 references to PIXIT Gs13. But Gs13 is missing in PIXIT within TP, nor does it e... christian zehnder


10:37 AM Server Issues #5905 (Resolved): sSrvN4 is mandatory, used SetDataValues service is optional in PICS and may not be not supported
sSrvN4 is mandatory for Ed.2_Rev2p0p6 and Ed2Amd1_Rev1p1:
Expected result
1. DUT sends response with data access...
christian zehnder

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