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sGop10 PIXIT reference needed ?

Added by christian zehnder about 2 months ago. Updated 3 days ago.

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04/30/2024 (Due in 10 days)
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In TPCL Ed2.1 v1p2 sGop10 detail was missing as reported in Issue 5954. It was agreed to add the one from V1p1. sGop10 is mandatory and contains 2 steps to test FCDA and/or FCD according to PIXIT. There is no PIXIT reference.
If dataset are configurable both steps are "applicable" >mandatory. If fixed one seems ok.
PIXIT Gp8 is for edition 1 only. Shall we reference to this or create new one?
- If DS are fixed it seems only one step needs to be tested. Whatever is implemented. So FCDA is not mandatory (as its was in ED1)
- Do we need a PIXIT entry at all? If fixed tester cannot modify he can check what exists. If its configurable both steps are applicable. Is configurable IED allowed to support only FCDA or FCD? Then we need Pixit.

Background: Discussion what needs to be supported in a fixed server. Only FCDA seems ok. If not fixed they would be forced to implement FCD too.


Updated by IEC 61850 TPWG 18 days ago

  • Due date set to 04/16/2024

Updated by Richard Schimmel 4 days ago

In Redmine #5954 we added PIXIT reference to sGop10: PIXIT: Gp11 Ed2

When data set is fixed does the GOOSE data set contain:
- structured data objects (FCD) Y/N
- timestamp data attributes Y/N

See also draft TP1.3. I think this resolves the issue.


Updated by IEC 61850 TPWG 4 days ago

  • Due date changed from 04/16/2024 to 04/30/2024

Updated by Goran Pregrad 3 days ago

I think wording sould be impoved so it is obvious that for configrable data sets it is mandatory to execute both steps. Proposal is that at least Comment section sais:

"Tested with FCDA and/or FCD. If datasets are configurable then both steps are applicable mandatory."

Should we add another line in Gs11 for FCDA, like this:

When data set is fixed does the GOOSE data set contain:
- structured data objects (FCD) Y/N
- *data objects (FCDA) Y/N*
- timestamp data attributes Y/N

In my opinion, if response on first bulet is "Y" for FCD, that has no implication if FCDA is supported.

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