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sRp15, sBr15 test description contains doName="MMXU...", while MMXU is lnClass, not doName

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IEC 61850-6 AMD1: Table 22 - Attributes of the FCDA element
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The test case sRp15 and sBr15 description gives in point 1 the SCL examples of following FCDA elements of a dataset:
- doName=”MMXU.PhV”
- doName=”MMXU.A” daName=”phsA”
- doName=”MMXU.A” daName=”phsB.cVal”
- doName=”MMXU.A” daName=”phsC.cVal.mag”
- doName=”MMXU.A” daName=”neut.cVal.mag.f“

But in SCL, in the the dataset elements, a Logical Node (and MMXU is a Logical Node) are defined by lnClass and lnInst, not in doName, e.g.:
<DataSet name="dataMX">
<FCDA ldInst="ON" lnClass="MMXU" lnInst="1" doName="PhV" fc="MX" />
<FCDA ldInst="ON" lnClass="MMXU" lnInst="1" doName="A" fc="MX" />

And, complex Data Objects like PhV and A (class WYE) have sub-elements (e.g. phsA) which are Data Object, not Attributes - of class CMV. The FC is defined by DA elements of CMV, not by elements of WYE. Is then daName=”phsA” wrong as "phsA" belongs into doName?


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LN instance and lDevice are missing. This is example text, and those are required and will be caught in schema test-> accepted for clarity.


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