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Publish/subscribe enum with value > 127

Added by Richard Schimmel over 1 year ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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Item 6 from Christophe Camelis list;
Is such enum value allowed by the standard?

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Updated by Thierry Dufaure over 1 year ago

8-1 does not prevent it.
Even fixedLength encoding forsees 2 bytes for the transmission of enumeration value - allowing a range of: -32768 to 32767.


Updated by Joel Greene 2 months ago

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There are no enum values > 127 currently.

Makes sense to test for forward compatibility - GOOSE, client, tool.


Updated by Joel Greene 2 months ago

GOOSE subscriber, including Fixed length.


Updated by Joel Greene 2 months ago

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Updated by John Bruder about 2 months ago

This could really complicate the MMS mapping.
8-1 says "the MMS data type shall be the minimum size required to contain the maximum standardized value".
Currently, all Enums map to an 8-bit signed integer.
But if one attribute exceeds 127, it will need a different MMS data type than all other Enums. This can be done, but users will need to know the "maximum standardized value" for each Enum.

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