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[GMDM #18] Rationalise 61968-13 and 61970-4xx profiles

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Pat Brown

61970-4xx, 61968-13

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There are two sets of grid model data profiles - 61970-4xxx and 61968-13. They rely on the same underlying information model but define different profiles, which sometimes overlap, sometimes are independent and sometimes are subsets. They grew from the historic division of CIM WGs by Transmission (WG13) and Distribution (WG14).

WG13 is now responsible for all grid model profiles and now 'owns' both sets.

The differences between the two can be characterised into several areas:
1) How profiles describing physical data are divided:
The 61970 view:
- Equipment - foundational grid model data which supports basic steady state analysis
- ShortCiruit - additional data needed by fault analysis tools
- Operational - additional data needed by operations tools (EMSs)
- Dynamics - additional data for sub-cycle analysis tools * no GeographicalLocation * no AssetCatalog
The 61968-13 view:
- Functional - foundational data which support connectivity and tracing
- ElectricalProperties - additional data supporting steady state and short circuit analysis
- GeographicalLocation - geospatial location of equipment and facilities
- AssetCatalog - asset characteristics from which electrical parameters can be derived
- Asset - limited individual structure modelling * no Dynamics
2) 61968-13 has no StateVariables profile
3) Balanced vs unbalanced
61970-4xx profiles describe balanced models
61968-13 profiles describe unbalanced models

There is a growing recognition that asset and geographical data are needed by transmission and that dynamics and state variable data is needed in distribution, so essentially the same types of profiles are valuable in both areas. Given the growing importance of TSO/DSO data exchanges and the increasingly similar use of grid model data across operations, planning, and markets in T and D, a common approach to defining which class belongs in which profile would be very valuable.

Balanced modelling vs unbalanced modelling is the real modelling difference that needs to be supported.

This issue suggests that the profiles of 61970-4xx and 61968-13 be rationalised into a single cohesive set of profiles.



Oslo 14 June 2023,
Agreement is document in the slides

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