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sSBOns8 - Test and Check in Cancel after Select request

Added by Hua Qin over 1 year ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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There is no way to check the consistency between Select and Cancel.
But as a normal control service, it should be subject to the normal checks, such as Test and Check in this test case.
Thus, DUT may give a Cancel response- on step h/j.

I understand that this test case is introduced because of TISUSE 1703.
Tissue 1703 comments talks about there is no way to check the consistency in SBOns situation.
The last comment also says "for the case of normal security a cancel request has to carry service parameters that have no meaning."
Tissue 1703 suggests that update will be added into part 7-2 amend 1.

In part 7-2 ED2 Amend 1, I do not find anywhere mentioning it.

But in part 8-1 20.7.4 says "the service parameter consistency check of the Cancel request can not be excecuted in case the Cancel request is used after a Select request, as long as no Operate / TimeActivatedOperate request was received.Cancel response+ "

Again this part talks about no way to check the consistency.



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Updated by Richard Schimmel about 1 year ago

What is the proposed solution? Allow Cancel response- on Cancel.Check=00/11 (step h and j)? If both Cancel+ and Cancel- are allowed we just skip step h and j. (See also #6188 in which we removed the Cancel.orCat)


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Check bits are not present, this requirement needs to be removed.

Further review needed.


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Richard to propose solution.

Device may do plausibility check on each parameter, for example orCat and Test. Remove Cancel.Test step.


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