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Test case sSBOes1, sDOes1 miss referring to PIXIT entries

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sSBOes1, sDOes1
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  • For PIXIT entry Ct24, sSBOes1 and sDOes1 needs this reference - to check if it is possible to keep the old state.
  • PIXIT entry Ct25 allows user to say Y/N to DPC in a intermediate state.
    But in the Test sSBOes1 and sDOes1, in the bracket(), it says that when DPC is supported which can be understood that this step is applicable once DPC is supported.
    If Ct25 is still applicable, then in the test procedure step, the (when DPC is supported) should be changed to (when possible).
    If Ct25 is not applicable to ED2 anymore, then we should change Ct24 to ED1 only in the PIXIT template.
  • PIXIT entry Ct26 - sDOes1 needs this reference
  • Update sDOes1 words to match sSBOes1
    those two test cases are very similar except in different control modes.
    sSBOes1 is written in a much better way. So suggest to update sDOes1 to match sSBOes1.


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Needs clarification - CSWI/XCBR, for example, have different requirement (per 7-500).

ct25 does not appear in the TP.


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I agree with the proposed changes. Ct25 still applicable to Ed2.
See proposed modification


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