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When does the one packet with SmpCnt=0 is missing in step 2 of sSvsN6

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For sSvsN6 step 2, can you please explain when is the missing one packet with SmpCnt=0?

Is every SmpCnt=0 packet lost during the whole test?

Or is it only missing once at the beginning of step 2? If this is the case, then it seems that sSvsN6 is the same as sSv3.

Or is it only missing once at a random time during the step 2? In this case, sSvsN6 is different from sSv3


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Richard to investigate


Updated by Richard Schimmel 10 months ago

sSvs3 is about multiple samples in one packet. In that case it can that the sample with smpCnt=0 is not the first samole in the packet. It still there and it's not missing a packet/sample.

sSvsN6 is missing one packet only. (Not one packet per second)


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