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Change associations for meter UsagePoint to make it more like Measurements

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Tom Berry

IEC 61968

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The underlying use case is to make it easier to run analyses that combine meter readings with network models

One metering device can provide energy, RMS and many other variables for single point in the network, or for containers like a substation.
The protocol could be IEC 61850 or COSEM or something else
There are two choices for mapping these variables
1. Via Measurement: Equipment and Terminal are explicitly defined
2. Via Metering Usage Point: Terminal is implied by associated Equipment
This unambiguous for an EnergyConnection = DER
But it is ambiguous for branch devices e.g. supplying a Campus; or summary metering e.g. for a substation

Proposal: use same associations as Measurement
Deprecate UsagePoint -> Equipment
Add UsagePoint -> PowerSystemResource
Add UsagePoint -> ACDCTerminal



As presented and discussed 9-Feb in UCA joint meeting


Updated by Eric Stephan over 1 year ago

In a WG13 discussion April 20,2022 (from a WG13 perspective):
Tom McDermott approves of the proposed changes.
Svein Olsen shared this is being addressed in part in the Energy Modeling Requirements subgroup. He also shared: UsagePoint is already an overloaded term and it would be better to create another class.


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Attached presentation has some more information
Slide 6 - Can/should UsagePoint represent a Point of Connection? IEV definition
Slide 7 - from David Haynes UsagePoint – some history
Slide 8 - from Pat Brown UsagePoint – the attributes imply it represents several roles
Slide 9 - from Pat Brown GMDM PointOfCommonCoupling
TB: Looks like a UsagePoint that emphasizes operational monitoring and control aspects


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Presentation updated following discussion in join WG13, WG14, WG16 UCA meeting 11-May-2022
The decision was that WG14 need to review the proposal which means planning sufficient meeting time.

Slides 2 and 3 are a summary of the issue Scope and Proposal for planning purposes
Slide 2 has a list of the related topics that were mentioned but I think should be considered separately later

Added slides 4-7 to give more background on the requirement


Updated by Tom Berry about 1 year ago

Discussed 19-Sep-2022 UCA WG13/WG14/WG16 CIM Model Managers – Joint UML Issues Session

A lot of the discussion was related to understanding the purpose and applications of UsagePoint.

Proposal summary: use similar associations for UsagePoint as for Measurement
#1: Add optional association [0..1] to Terminal
#2: Make association with Equipment more general Replace UsagePoint -> Equipment with UsagePoint -> PowerSystemResource
#3 Improve descriptive text of UsagePoint and refer to IEC 60050 (IEV) definitions

#1 agreed
#2 agreed
#3 agreed in principle - Tom Berry to provide a draft


Updated by Tom Berry 4 months ago

Existing description
Logical or physical point in the network to which readings or events may be attributed. Used at the place where a physical or virtual meter may be located; however, it is not required that a meter be present.

Proposed description
Logical or physical point in the network to which measurements, meter readings or events may be attributed. It is not required that a meter or measuring device exists physically or in the model.

UsagePoint and its associated Terminal correspond to a Point of Connection (POC) "reference point on the electric power system where the user’s electrical facility is connected" [IEV 617-04-01], also known as Point of Common Coupling (PCC) "electrical point in an electric power system, electrically nearest to a particular load or generator, at which other loads or generators are, or may be, connected" [IEC 61850-7-420, IEV 614-01-12 modified to add generator]


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