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61850-7-5 and 61850-7-500 Developer 02/29/2024
Test Procedure Issues IEC61850_TPWG_DEVELOPER, IEC61850_TPWG_REPORTER 09/10/2021
Client IEC61850_TPWG_DEVELOPER, IEC61850_TPWG_REPORTER 02/19/2021
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07:57 AM Server Issues #6710: sSrv13 does not specify that the lower hierarchy Mod.stVal shall not change
Should the text in 7-1, clause 8.2.5 be changed for clarity? It says that the mode of the LNs in a lower level may b... Karen Wyszczelski


07:42 AM IEC 61850 TPWG Bug #6622: Test case Ttf1 (mustUnderstand) for the ICT conformance test needs clarification
THis should have been logged as an issue, not a bug. It has been copied to Issue #6631 Karen Wyszczelski


10:41 AM IEC 61850 TPWG Bug #6622 (Rejected): Test case Ttf1 (mustUnderstand) for the ICT conformance test needs clarification
The test should be modified to test three scenarios.
An element has a mustUnderstand in the communication section ...
Karen Wyszczelski


01:05 PM Server Issues #650 (Closed): In Ed 2 test sCtl5 step 2, expected result when LN.Beh=on and control command sent to Mod where test flag set says commands are accepted and executed
The test case is sending a control command to Mod, when Beh=ON with the test=true flag set. Part 7-4 Annex A says tha... Karen Wyszczelski


09:35 AM Server Issues #640 (Closed): sMdl6 indicates that indexed = FALSE and RptEnabled max > 1 is prohibited, but for association specific URCBs max can be >1
In the new test procedures, test case sMdl6 indicates the case where indexed = FALSE and RptEnabled max > 1 is prohib... Karen Wyszczelski

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