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sSrv2 and sSrv3 ordering of the MMS identifiers

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In tests sSrv2 and sSrv3 client requests DUT to return ordered list of "logical nodes" and "data". Return results should be ordered lists of MMS Identifiers. Question that is being raised is what is definition of ordering for returned elements?

In 8-1 we have following specification:

MMS Identifier should be of type BasicIdentifier, however that type does not exist in ISO 9506-2 version 2003 that is referenced. That type is from previous 1999 version of MMS standard. In current valid version it is defined in 7.5.2:

In IEC 61850 8-1 (Ed2Amd1 only one with explicit declaration) CBB char is not used, so based on that Identifier should be of type VisibleString. This VisibleString is same as in 1999 version BasicIdentifier.

Now in ISO 9506-1 there is sentence below in blue:

Base on it I would think that if UTF-8 is used than it is using its ASCII alike ordering. And if VisibleString is used than ordering per 7.5.2 should be used.
Difference would be following:
List = “Aa”, “AH”, “1A”
OrderedListUTF8 = “1A”, “AH”, “Aa”
OrderedListVisibleString = “Aa”, “AH”, “1A”

We found different vendors implementing different ordering rules. In my opinion ordering should be done per provided order of characters in VisibleString of Identifiers. Would you agree?
Additionally, I think 8-1 reference of BasicIdentifier should be changed to Identifier:VisibleString.


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A server has to have a specific method of ordering, but that method is not standardized.

Remove "order" from the test procedure.


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Proposed solution is attached.


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