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sGos20, sGos21 force DUT as Subscriber to ignore future edition dataset elements, while 61850-7-1 expects achievable forward compatibility

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The expected result of sGos20 and sGos21 forces the Subscriber to ignore the state change of future edition elements. The Annex K states “the subscriber to at least be able to ignore”. Thus, the subscriber is allowed to evaluate the received future edition elements (and be fully forward compatible). To ignore it is the worst case scenario. A SCL file of a publisher might be sufficient to “teach” a Subscriber to evaluate the received data, e.g. by devices supporting free defined private data types.

Note: using the ping-pong to perform the test, the subscriber test cannot expect the DUT to publish or report future edition elements. A fully forward compatible DUT might be able to send it anyway.

Proposal: use wording from the Annex K. In sGos20 step 1 and 3, and sGos21 step 1 and 3, replace text “DUT ignores the state change” with “DUT at least is able to ignore state change”.



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