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Need to be able to test 61850-7-420 (Ed2)

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09/05/2023 (about 10 months late)
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Received the following request/question for being able to test and certify 7-420:

As the E-mobility becomes more and more popular, when the charging system wants to connect with the Power Grid (to know when to reverse charging), it serves as an 61850 server. I want to ask the following questions, and thanks in advance~

1. I saw the standards IEC 61850-7-420 and IEC TR 61850-90-8 defines some additional LNs, if the model (cid) of an EVSE (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment, the entire charging system) or EVCC (Electric Vehicle Communication Controller, the module used in the charging system) conforms to the these standards (also original IEC 61850-7-4), can we perform IEC 61850 Ed2.0 Server Conformance Test for these products, just using the same TP (for example Server TP2.0.6)?
2. Does UCA already have released some certificates for this kind of products (sorry I didn’t find a good way to search in the redmine system)?


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Testing against the current TP is valid.

Test certificate could be extended to indicate model extensions including -7-420

DER equipment has been certified with -7-420, but no EV yet.

Richard to generate new certificate template and instructions.


Updated by Richard Schimmel 12 months ago

Attached the certificate template with optional 7-420 and instructions.
Test case sMdl14 already verifies non-substation namespaces like 7-410 and 7-420.


Updated by Thierry Dufaure 11 months ago

Is there a reason for the scope of IEC61850 Edition 2?
According to IEC 61850-7-420:2021, the namespace of 7-420 includes 61850 Ed2.1 not Ed2.


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Testing to 61850 Ed2Amd1 is preferred, but Ed2 can be done with careful management of namespaces (Ed2 CDC only).

Richard to prepare a 2.1 certificate template.

Certificates to create a section listing NSDs validated in the DUT.


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Ed2: removed 7-420 from the title and added name space definition in the first paragraph


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Mails exchanged since last meeting have not been addressed.


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Update doc with comments from Vladan


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