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Ct24 description uses not defined in the standard term: Internal Controllable Objects

Added by Ursula Kramarczyk 8 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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05/16/2023 (about 7 months late)
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the Ct24 uses in the description capitalized written Internal Controllable Objects. There is no definition of this term in the standard.

proposal: lower case, improve interpunction, define meaning of internal:
Can a controllable object be forced to keep its old state, e.g. an internal (no wired output) controllable objects may not[..]


Updated by Richard Schimmel 7 months ago

Part 7-2 Ed2 below figure 38 states:
Direct control with normal security should be used for operations that act either on a local data object (for example, a LED test) or on a data object that influences external devices where returned information is not supervised and independent from any other object (for example, switch on a heating).

So part 7-2 uses the term "local data". Propose to change Ct24 to "e.g. a local data object"


Updated by IEC 61850 TPWG 7 months ago

  • Due date set to 05/16/2023
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  • Assignee changed from Ursula Kramarczyk to Richard Schimmel

change Ct24 "Internal Controllable Objects" to "local data object"

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