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part 6 - clarification on product naming / functional naming

Added by Maud Merley 6 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Regarding the use of product naming or functional naming, some items need to be clarified :
- Where it is indicated that an IED accepts product naming or function naming, and restrictions that applied (for instance fixed prefix and LN instance number) (PICS?) ?
- Do we have the information in an SCL file if it uses product naming or function naming (Part 6 : 'the SCL language allows both options, even separate for different IEDs') ?
- Do we have a process for resolution of inconsistencies between ICT and SCT related to conflicting use of both options ?


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There is nothing to indicate if a device can modify its own data model. Only the ICT is capable of modifying the data model. Only the LD Name is able to be changed by SCT because it does not change the data model.
It does not seem so simple as using ConfLD/ConfLN.
We need more information from RTE.


Updated by Maud Merley 5 months ago

More information from RTE : for the configuration process it is necessary to know if a device can be configured (by the ICT) with product naming or functional naming. It is clear that is not the propriety of the IED itself, but it results from the ICT - IED association. It is possible that use of PICS to convey this information is not appropriate, but a way to formalize the capability of the ICT / IED is necessary.


Updated by Carlos Rodriguez del Castillo 5 months ago

We need to know why it is not enough with services ConfLDName and ConfLNs.


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