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ED2.0 TP2.0.6 has sGos23 but PIXIT template misses the entry Gs13 while in TP1.2 ED2.1 the Gs13 has Amd1 Ed only

Added by Hua Qin 8 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

Due date:
03/07/2023 (about 7 months late)
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sGos23, PIXIT
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--Not Set---
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Redmine#666 add new test case sGos23 to ED2 TP2.0.6 and refer to PIXIT entry Gs13 but Gs13 does not exist in the PIXIT ED2 template.
Gs13 is in ED2.1 TP 1.2 but only show as apply to Amd1 only.

suggest to add Gs13 entry to ED2.0 PIXIT template, change the Ed column value from Amd1 to 2 in ED2.1 TP1.2 PXIT template.

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Related to Server - Issues #5289: Ed2.1 Server TP 1.1 Does not include 2.0 server PIXIT Gs12ClosedRichard SchimmelActions

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Update PIXIT


Updated by Richard Schimmel 6 months ago

  • Test Case ID changed from sGos23 to sGos23, PIXIT

UCAiug has one PIXIT template for Ed2 and Ed2.1. I propose the PIXIT in Ed2.1 is leading. Agree to update Gs13 Ed to "2, Amd1"
To prevent future mismatches we refer to the Ed2.1 PIXIT in the Ed2 server test procedures.


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All Test procedures refer to latest PIXIT template.

PIXIT to be published as a document separate from the TP. To be attached here and then copied to the new repository.

Also available in: Atom PDF