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Proposal of a new LN class ASWI

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12/31/2022 (about 19 months late)
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IEC 61850-7-4

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61850-7-4, 61850-90-6 - feeder automation
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This is to register a user requirement for a new LN class ASWI, independent from ASEQ LN class proposed in IEC/TR 61850-90-14 which is intended to model FACTS and HVDC Automatic Sequencer.

ASWI LN class should model an execution scheme of a series of switchgear controls. Once activated by a DOns control, it will go through a configured list of 1 … n individual switchgear controls (CSWI.Pos), with associated ctlVal for the intended switching directions, and will execute them one after the other. The successful execution of the actual step shall be the precondition for executing the next one.

Option: It should be possible to select the execution sequence (forward/backward) using the common ctlVal of the DOns control. In backward mode the ctlVal for the individual controls should be inverted.

Proposal descriptions

The proposal is to enhance the definiton of ASWI LN allowing multi equipment controlled by CSWI changind the presence condition of OpOpn, OpCls, SelOpn and SelCls data objects.
The work will be address in IEC 61850-7-4 Ed.3 as 90-6 TR LN definition is plan to be moved to this standard.

Related issues

Copied from IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force - Improvement #5876: Proposal of a new LN class ASWIResolved07/01/202212/31/2022


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Updated by Tetsuo Otani 11 months ago

Although I do not yet understand the requirement here completely, let me suggest that AATS in 90-6 might be meet the requirement.
Please refer to Figure 77 in 90-6 in which an instance of AATS interacts with two CSWI instances.


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