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61850-7-5 and 61850-7-500 Manager 06/14/2023
IEC TC57 WG10 Future Work WG10 Future Work Manager 10/07/2021
Test Procedure Issues IEC61850_TPWG_DEVELOPER, IEC61850_TPWG_REPORTER 09/10/2021
Client IEC61850_TPWG_DEVELOPER, IEC61850_TPWG_REPORTER 02/20/2021
GOOSE Performance IEC61850_TPWG_DEVELOPER, IEC61850_TPWG_REPORTER 02/20/2021
SCL Tooling IEC61850_TPWG_DEVELOPER, IEC61850_TPWG_REPORTER 02/20/2021
Server IEC61850_TPWG_DEVELOPER, IEC61850_TPWG_REPORTER 02/20/2021



11:14 AM 61850-7-5 and 61850-7-500 IEC61850-7-5 #6500 (New): Parameters to enforce the checking of interlocking and synchronism
Enhancement of the datamodel with two new setting parameters 'EnfItl' and 'EnfSyn'.
The concept was already develope...
Michael Haecker
11:08 AM 61850-7-5 and 61850-7-500 IEC61850-7-5 #6499 (New): Explanation text on the application of check conditions
A chapter to be added to explain the application of check conditions.
cross reference to #6498
Include a tab...
Michael Haecker
10:59 AM 61850-7-5 and 61850-7-500 IEC61850-7-5 #6498 (New): Explanation text on the usage of SwModKey
A chapter to be added to explain the usage of SwModKey.
cross reference to #6392
To be clarified whether ther...
Michael Haecker
10:43 AM 61850-7-5 and 61850-7-500 IEC61850-7-5 #6497 (New): Explanation text of IEC/TR 61850-7-500 clause
The explanation text to IEC/TR 61850-7-500 Figure 10 provided in clause is not clear enough.
The last graph...
Michael Haecker


10:30 AM Server Issues #6491 (Resolved): Incorrect reference
In test procedures sGos20, sGos21 and sGos22 reference is made to "IEC 61850-7-2 Subclause".
This subclause...
Michael Haecker


09:18 AM GOOSE Performance Issues #6489 (New): Reducing the needed resources for time correlated subscribed GOOSE not used for ping-pong
The tests include subscribing to time correlated GOOSE not used for ping-pong. The DUT is required to subscribe to 5*... Michael Haecker
08:51 AM GOOSE Performance Issues #6488 (Resolved): Incorrect reference
In all detailed test procedures Gpf1 to Gpf9 under "Expected results" reference is made to paragraph "3.3 Test passed... Michael Haecker


09:59 AM 61850-7-5 and 61850-7-500 IEC61850-7-5 #6395: Figure 15 SelOpn and SelCls are incorrect
Confirm the copy-and-paste error.
Drawing modified, ready for use in Ed.2 of this document.
Michael Haecker


04:00 AM IEC TC57 WG10 Future Work WG10 Future Work #5933: Proposal of a new LN class ASWI
See updates/comments made on the original record in UFTF database. Michael Haecker


12:10 PM IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Support #6303: LN PDIF – setting for nominal current
I would like to offer another protection application related explanation, valid for both transformer differential pro... Michael Haecker

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