CIM Issues #5963

Updated by Todd Viegut 6 months ago

Reviewed on 15-Jun-2023 in Oslo: 


 1. Change the description of mRID to: 

 Master resource identifier issued by a model authority. The mRID is unique within an exchange context. 
 Global uniqueness is easily achieved by using a UUID, as specified in IETF RFC 4122, for the mRID. The use of 
 UUID is strongly recommended. 

 2. The rdf:ID/rdf:about rdf:ID / rdf:about will be a 552 issue & JSON-LD @ID will be a 553 issue. This will not be tied to the UML. In the 552 rdf:ID/rdf:about is to be decoupled from the mRID attribute and explicitly prescribed to be a UUID. The same being true in the 553. This will allow both serializations to have the same identifier, generated by the same rules to produce the same IRIs. The legacy formats will be based on local business rules instead of standards-based rules. 

 3. We currently have in Section 8.7 in Part 100 Ed 2.0 the new ObjectIdentificationRevisionSets profile (i.e. for object registries). We need to introduce a new similar profile (RDF-based) and include in the 552. See if we can utilize the existing profile to generate the RDFS or if there needs to be additional work done to the profile.