Feature #6222

Updated by Carlos Rodriguez del Castillo 11 months ago

SetNb: generic enumerate for use cases where a dedicated enumerate is considered to be too specific. Use cases include: 
 *  Substation level functions for overload management: in case of overload in one feeder, it can be useful to either close or trip another feeder or the same feeder; or to issue an alarm. This corresponds to a setting with five cases that could be express with SetNb. Another SetNb could be used to identify the feeder to be opened or closed. It is preferred to add this as settings as it may changed depending on the operational conditions of the network. 
 *  Substation with several feeders connected to one generator hold by a different operator: the operator indicates, in case of de-energisation, the order of re-energisation of the generators. This depends of the state of generator and cannot be done by configuration. 

 [New parametres need to be modelled in GAPC LN. This issue refer to SetNb parameters, as explained in the attached documents by RTE.]