CIM Issues #5297

Updated by Pat Brown over 1 year ago

Proposed changes are described in detail in Issue #5296:5297:5296 - WG14 Part 4 WireAssemblyInfo and related cleanup for ACLineSegment modeling.  
 At a high level the following are proposed: 
 > WireSpacingInfo - Repurpose class for use only in describing collections of wires carrying a single phase. Rename class to IntrphaseSpacing, remove .isCable and .usage attributes, create new associations to ACLineSegmentPhase and WirePosition to allow it to be used in the 3 templating approaches. Also remove no-longer-needed WireUsageKind class. 
 > WirePhaseInfo - Remove class and its 3 associations. Relocate its only attribute (.phaseInfo) to the WirePosition class. 
 > WireAssemblyInfo - Rename class and add 3 associations to allow it to serve as the only class supporting the description of collections of wires carrying multiple phases.