CIM Issues #4989

Updated by Eric Stephan over 2 years ago

Resurect the Circuit class (or name it as Feeder). 
 Define associations to its contents: 
 1- EquipmentContainer<-->Circuit 
 2- ConductingEquipment<---->Circuit 


 Define associations to its limits: 
 3- FeedingNodes:    Circuit <---> Terminal.      Identify the Terminal(s) of the ConductingEquipment considered as Incomming point of the feeder. (Might the feeder-switch, or first ACLineSegment connected to it). 
 4- CircuitEnds:      Circuit <----> Terminal 
  Identify the Terminal(s) of open switches that are shared by 2 Circuits. 


 Define association to its subdivisions: 
 5- Circuit(Including) <----> ("Included in") Circuit