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ICT Ed2.1 Certificate template mismatches

Added by Richard Schimmel 3 months ago. Updated 18 days ago.

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Some test cases are double (sMdl20, sMdl21, sCnf52), some are missing: sMdl27, sCnf6
Some are in the wrong column or row.

Propose as follows:

21: ICD Export "sCnf1, sCnf2, sCnf3, sCnf4, sCnf20, sCnf21, sCnf22, sCnf25, sCnf26, sCnf29, sCnf40, sCnf41, sCnf42, sCnf44, sCnf45, sCnf46, sCnf50, sCnf51, sCnf60, sCnf70, sCnf71, sCnf72, sCnf73, sCnf74, sCnf75, sCnf76, sCnf80, sCnf81, sCnf82, sCnf83, sCnf85, sMdl1, sMdl2, sMdl3, sMdl4, sMdl6, sMdl7, sMdl8, sMdl9, sMdl10, sMdl12, sMdl15, sMdl18"

Conditional = sCnf10, sCnf11, sCnf23, sCnf24, sCnf27, sCnf28, sCnf43, sCnf47, sCnf48, sCnf49, sCnf61, sCnf62, sCnf63, sCnf64, sCnf65, sCnf84, sCnf100, sCnf120, sCnf121, sCnf122, sCnf123, sCnf124, sCnf125, sCnf126, sCnf127, sCnf128, sCnf129, sMdl14, sMdl20, sMdl22

22: SCD Import sCnf5, sMdl16, sMdl19 Conditional = sCnf52 , sMdl17, sMdl21 , sMdl23, sMdl25, sMdl26, sMdl27
23: IID export tIie3 Conditional = sCnf6 , tIie1, tIie2, tIie4, tIieN1, tIieN2, tIieN3
24: ICT tool functionality tTf1 Conditional = tTf2, tTf3, tTf4, tTf5


Updated by Richard Schimmel 2 months ago

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See draft version 1.1 e-mailed 28 Sept to the TPWG.


Updated by IEC 61850 TPWG 2 months ago

  • Due date set to 10/17/2023
  • Assignee set to Richard Schimmel

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  • Due date changed from 10/17/2023 to 11/14/2023

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