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Ed2.1 tTf4 and tTf5 expected result mismatch

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tTf4, tTf5
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The test description in both tTf4 and tTf5 for step 2 is to create an SCD file. There is no expected result applicable for step 2.
Step 3 is the SCD import and there we need the expected result.

Propose to remove expected result for step 2). And copy the expected result from step 2 to step 3 as follows:

Expected result
1) The version 2003 ICD file is exported. The file validates against the SCL schema 1.7.
3) The version 2003 SCD file import is successful; a warning might be given
4) The IED is running

Test description
1) TUT exports a version 2003 ICD for a version 2003 device (ldNs=IEC 61850-7-4:2003)
2) Use SCT SIMULATOR to engineer and export a version 2003 SCD with an IED based upon the ICD from the TUT and version 2003 ICD from a IED with:
- element Private without attribute type
- attribute sampleSychronized within element SmvOpts, whose value is false
- Access point name containing not only alphanumeric characters and underscore (_)
3) TUT imports the SCD and selects the IED based on the TUT ICD
4) TUT loads the configuration into the IED


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See draft version 1.1 e-mailed 28 Sept to the TPWG.


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