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Schedules - allow updates to single values while schedules are running

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09/02/2022 (about 7 months late)
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IEC 61850-7-4,7-5

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Context: how to use IEC 61850 for DER and microgrids (IEC 61850-90-23 CD1).

IEC 61850-7-4 prescribes that schedules may only be updated whilst they are offline. This is a conservative approach that allows for validation of all the settings to ensure consistency before re-starting i.e. evaluating the schedule output.
There are two approaches:
1. Stop the running schedule; change it, restart
2. Write to another schedule with a higher priority and start that; stop the original schedule; change it, restart it; stop the second schedule.

This approach is unnecessarily complex for some cases. A common use case is to update a schedule for one or more periods in the future. In these cases, updating individual schedule values will not affect the current schedule output, so there is no need to require the schedule to be deactivated and reactivated.

See also #3098

Proposal descriptions

We recommend people from WG17 to explain the specific requirements to WG10 7-5 Task Force.

Related issues

Copied from IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force - Improvement #5323: Schedules - allow updates to single values while schedules are runningResolved03/02/202209/02/2022


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Updated by Tom Berry 6 months ago

Discussed in WG10 Meeting September 2022

The key issue is to clarify the consistency checks made when updating a FSCH.
The FSCH state machine is used to ensure that a schedule is consistent before it is enabled, but part 7-4 Annex K does not provide details of the checks that must / should be performed.

Tom Berry to write a proposal to describe expected checks for each data object.
For example, changing the number of points needs a full consistency check, changing a single ASG value does not.

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