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PIXIT entries mandated by 61850-8-1 but missing in PIXIT

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61850-8-1 requires specific PIXIT entries but 3 are missing from current PIXIT.
1. Clause
This MMS component shall be as configured in SCL by the scl.tGSE.MaxTime attribute; it
configures the maximum repetition time in ms used in the published GOOSE messages. The
PIXIT shall document the minimum MaxTime supported by the implementation; the maximum
MaxTime is per standard defined by the value of sixty (60) seconds.

2. Clause 25.3.2:
There shall be a scl.GSE element for each fully configured layer 2 scl.GSEControl within an
SCD file, where it shall include the P elements specified in Table 163, as well as the
configured elements scl.tGSE.MinTime and scl.tGSE.MaxTime. All of them except
scl.tGSE.MinTime shall be modifiable by the SCT; scl.tGSE.MinTime may be modifiable by
the SCT based on a PIXIT entry. The absence of a scl.GSE for an ICT preconfigured
scl.GSEControl indicates that the GoCB is disabled within the SCD. The value exposed in the
GoCB dstAddr.Addr shall be the NULL octet string

3. Clause J.
The Time to Live parameter shall be set to a value of thirty-two(32), or greater, to allow the
routing of the UDP/IP packets. The value of 255 shall not be used. The value shall be
specified in the implementation’s PIXIT.

For item 1 suggest new Gp10 PIXIT entry
For item 2 suggest to modify existing PIXIT Gp5 (and also clarify existing description of minimum MinTime)
For item 3 suggest new Gp11 PIXIT entry

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