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# Project Tracker ID Source Status Priority Standard(s) Subject Updated
6276 Server Issues Resolved Normal sGop13 does not consider that dataset with maximumAttributes number of FCD may be too big for GOOSE 05/16/2023 08:26 AM Actions
6268 Server Issues Resolved Normal sCtl5 step 6 and step10 expected result does not apply to control objects without physical output 05/16/2023 08:24 AM Actions
6320 Server Issues Resolved Low Ct24 description uses not defined in the standard term: Internal Controllable Objects 05/02/2023 08:13 AM Actions
6255 Server Issues Resolved Normal ED2.0 TP2.0.6 has sGos23 but PIXIT template misses the entry Gs13 while in TP1.2 ED2.1 the Gs13 has Amd1 Ed only 03/21/2023 08:27 AM Actions
6208 Server Issues Rejected Normal sSvsN2 in TP1.2 does not check the situation where the DUT checks ConfRev 03/21/2023 08:20 AM Actions
657 Server Issues Resolved Low Publish/subscribe enum with negative value 03/21/2023 08:09 AM Actions
656 Server Issues Resolved Low Publish/subscribe enum with value > 127 03/21/2023 08:09 AM Actions
6291 Server Issues Resolved Normal sGos13 - Remove/deprecate PIXIT Gs12 03/21/2023 08:07 AM Actions
6269 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSrv9, sSrv10: change Table 3 to Table D.1 reference 03/21/2023 07:13 AM Actions
6277 Server Issues Resolved Normal sCtl4 (stSeld) shall be mandatory in Ed2 Amend 1 03/21/2023 04:49 AM Actions
6210 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvs4 remove PIXIT entry Svs3 02/21/2023 08:09 AM Actions
6174 Server Issues Rejected Normal Amend sCtl7 to test both interlocking check and check synchronizing ? 02/07/2023 08:24 AM Actions
6203 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvs6 - Test configuration does not consider available bandwidth 02/07/2023 08:19 AM Actions
6193 Server Issues Resolved Normal sRpN5 does not test for the case where URCBs are association based (non-indexed). 02/07/2023 08:17 AM Actions
6201 Server Issues Resolved Normal Merge sCnf and sMdl changes from ICT to Server 02/07/2023 08:07 AM Actions
653 Server Issues Rejected Low Subscriber can use maximum number of dataset elements 01/24/2023 09:03 AM Actions
654 Server Issues Rejected Low Publish/subscribe minimum length data GOOSE 01/24/2023 09:02 AM Actions
6211 Server Issues Resolved Normal TP1.2 Certificate tempalte makes sSvP12 mandatory while it shall be optional 01/24/2023 09:00 AM Actions
6213 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvsN1 - confRev-1 not possible for backwards config 01/24/2023 08:59 AM Actions
6214 Server Issues Resolved Normal ED2 sCtl14 refer to PIXIT entry Ct16 which is a ED1 only PIXIT entry 01/24/2023 08:55 AM Actions
6215 Server Issues Resolved Low ED2 Amendment 1 TP1.2 Editorial - Change references to Table 54 -> Table 21 01/24/2023 08:48 AM Actions
6227 Server Issues Resolved Normal sDoc5 GSESettings/SMVsettings apply for SendGOOSE/SMVmessage not SetGoCBValues/SetMsvCBValues 01/24/2023 08:44 AM Actions
651 Server Issues Rejected Low Verify subscriber can accept maximum size GOOSE 01/24/2023 08:40 AM Actions
6192 Server Issues Resolved Normal Polarity of neutral in WYE 01/24/2023 08:37 AM Actions
6206 Server Issues Rejected Normal Type and size of Length field value (TLV) encoding in SV 01/11/2023 06:19 AM Actions
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