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Meter to UsagePoint relationship should be many-to-many

Added by David Haynes 8 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Observed in iec61970cim17v40_iec61968cim13v13b_iec62325com03v17v_CIM100.1.1.1
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IEC 61968-9 and others

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The relationship between a meter and a UsagePoint models the fact that a UsagePoint could have multiple meters associated with it, but there is a metering product which supports multiple ports. Generally speaking, in North America, pulse initiators might be located anywhere on-premises of a particular site, and (sub)meter electricity or some other commodity. The meter has pulse counters in it, in addition to the normal functioning conventional ANSI meter. The utility collects these counts as well as the readings generated within the meter on a monthly/daily/hourly/quarter-hourly basis.

In South America, there is the notion of a "meter bank" which is actually a collection of metrology cards. Each metrology card meters one service. The meter's display is in the home. These metrology cards are usually located in a metal cabinet and mounted up on a pole. So, the meter is actually not located on-premises for the usage being measured. Wires fan out from the meter bank to individual locations that use electricity. This design is for security reasons. The pole-mounted meter bank has considerable physical security around it compared to the on-premises meter. The meter bank is located among the high voltage wires and is physically inaccessible to the average person.

Proposed Solution

Change the multiplicity between UsagePoint and EndDevice to be many-to-many.


Updated by David Haynes 8 months ago

The Part 9 payload must also be able to identify which UsagePoint is being reported with the reading.
The Part 9 MasterDataManagement must be updated to reflect the meter-to-UsagePoint relationship.
The introduction of the Terminal class should be factored into the message schema as another identifier.

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