CIM Issues #5014

Updated by Chavdar Ivanov 5 months ago

All profiles are updated to have "none" as multiplier in the CIMDatatype. This means that values are exchanged in their base SI unit and will need to use engineering    notation, e.g. SwPowerFlow.p in SV profile was defined as MW and 100.6 MW are exchanged in xml as <SvPowerFlow.p>100.6<SvPowerFlow.p>. After the change in the profiles the instance data is <SvPowerFlow.p>100.6E6<SvPowerFlow.p>  

 The following changes are applied: 
 - in EQ profile - 452 and 600: ActivePower, ActivePowerPerCurrentFlow, ActivePowerPerFrequency, ApparentPower, Length, ReactivePower 
 , RealEnergy, Voltage