CIM Issues #749

Updated by Herbert Falk almost 3 years ago

A possible solution is to change the cardinality to RegulatingControl [0..*] - [0..*] Terminal which makes it possible to connect the RegulatingControl to all possible controlled points. However, there may be other side effects of this change so it must be carefully investigated before implemented. 

 Some initial formulated requirements (others are anticipated to be added):  

 1. The control model shall provide a single voltage target value for the controlled power flow bus and shall have a single enable/disable flag for the control at that bus. 

 2. Devices needing the same control dead bands shall be grouped and have a single and shared dead band value.  

 3. In node breaker models bus splits must be supported and the controlled point shall follow the possible reconfigurations that appears due to switching. 

 The RegulatingControl must be updated to meet    these requirements.