CIM Issues #749

Updated by Herbert Falk about 3 years ago

There are a variety of issues with RegulatingControl.    These include the following and must be addressed in CIM18: 

 There are multiple issues with the CIM control model: 

 1. Multiple RegulatingControls on the same controlled point as you describe. One reason to use multiple regulating controls is discrete vs continuous control that require different parameter settings. All RegulatingControls on the same power flow bus must then be enabled. 

 2. With multiple RegulatingControls they    may have different target values (targetValue) which force the receiving tool to make a choice. If different tools make different choices then we have a problem. I have seen this in a few IGMs.  

 3. The control dead band (targetDeadband) is different for different type of devices which makes it difficult to use the same RegulatingControl, e.g. switched and tapped shunts.  

 4. A RegulatingControl is connected to the controlled power flow bus (TopologicalNode) via a Terminal. In a node breaker model it is common that the Terminal is at a Switch. It may then happen that the RegulatingControl becomes disconnected from the power flow bus as a consequence of switching while the controlling devices (subclasses of RequlatingCondEq) are still actively controlling. This has been observed to happen in several IGMs. 

 So the CIM voltage/reactive control model is broken and need a complete revision. For backwards compatibility we must keep the current in parallel with the revised.