Issues #5917

Updated by yifan wang 8 months ago

According to page 156 of Ed2.0 Server TP2.0.6: 
 "To perform the DUT subscribe test procedures the DUT need to be configured as follows: 
 • a data value that is connected to a subscribed GOOSE member, e.g. GGIO.SPS01 
 • a data set that contains the value of this data point 
 • a GoCB that publishes this data set (or a RCB that sends a data change/quality change report)" 

 Suggest to update the description of 'Expected result' for some test cases of CB9b: GOOSE subscribe: 
  'Expected result': "DUT updates the value and 
 "…and sends a GOOSE message with changed status value" with…" => "DUT updates the changed status value" 
  'Test description': "Test engineer configures the DUT with subscribed "…and sends a GOOSE (ping-pong mechanism)" => "Test engineer configures the DUT with the ping-pong mechanism ("the ping-pong mechanism" can either be using GOOSE or RCB)" message *or an RCB report* with…"