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# Project Tracker ID Source Status Priority Standard(s) Subject Updated
5316 CIM Joint Issues CIM Issues Open Normal

IEC 61968 series

How to best associate the CIM with other related information standards such as ERP, GML, and BIM 02/13/2023 12:23 PM Actions
5302 CIM Joint Issues CIM Issues In Progress Normal

61968-11, 61968-4, 61970-301, 61968-13

Explicit association between TransformerTank and TransformerTankInfo 05/24/2023 08:58 AM Actions
5295 CIM Joint Issues CIM Issues New Normal

61968-11, 61968-4, 61970-301, 61968-13

Joint issue on ACLineSegment physical modeling clarification 06/13/2023 09:06 AM Actions
3923 CIM Joint Issues CIM Issues Open Normal

61970-301, 61970-452, 61970-600

Inconsistent use of LineCurrent, Current, PhaseCurrent meas 06/28/2023 09:31 AM Actions
5365 CIM Joint Issues CIM Issues Open Low

All WG13 and WG14 stds

Version control in XSDs 02/13/2023 11:51 AM Actions
6792 Client Issues In Progress High Discrepancies between certificate tables and testprocedures - client testprocedure 05/28/2024 08:55 AM Actions
636 Client Issues Resolved High Mandate RCB reservation for Ed2.0 client and Amd1 server 04/20/2021 02:23 PM Actions
6793 Client Issues Resolved Normal cCnf13 the ICT tool shall refuse the configuration 05/28/2024 09:04 AM Actions
6777 Client Issues Resolved Normal SCD import and Tool Functionality test procedures 05/28/2024 08:05 AM Actions
6776 Client Issues Resolved Normal cSBOns4 requires different control value 05/28/2024 08:07 AM Actions
6728 Client Issues Resolved Normal cSg13 refers to PIXIT entry Sg5/Sg6 but not clarified in the expected result 05/28/2024 08:17 AM Actions
6727 Client Issues Resolved Normal cDsN1bc, cFtN2 have no non-Ed2 specific error code 04/02/2024 08:42 AM Actions
6724 Client Issues In Progress Normal GOOSE Subscriber sGos12 test expects DUT to _send_ a GOOSE message 05/28/2024 08:21 AM Actions
6688 Client Issues Resolved Normal cSrvN10 - Ed1 specific error codes do not exist for MMS GetNameList 04/02/2024 08:42 AM Actions
6655 Client Issues Resolved Normal cLogN5 is missing in table A4.2 and certificate template 01/09/2024 08:28 AM Actions
6654 Client Issues Resolved Normal Tracking numbering mismatch Ed2 <> Ed2.1 01/09/2024 08:27 AM Actions
6490 Client Issues Resolved Normal UCAiug requires Ed2Amd1 Jan 2024 - expect testlabs/toolvendors need more time 08/22/2023 08:16 AM Actions
6471 Client Issues Resolved Normal Select.response+ (Tissue 1753) 08/22/2023 08:10 AM Actions
6464 Client Issues Resolved Normal cSrv5 change the condition to GetDataValues or Reporting 07/11/2023 08:38 AM Actions
6463 Client Issues Resolved Normal cSrv7, cSvrN3 some clients only read DA (not DO) 07/25/2023 08:07 AM Actions
6172 Client Issues Resolved Normal client check bits must be tested 12/13/2022 08:34 AM Actions
5327 Client Issues Resolved Normal PIXIT - add processing/mapping of quality bits 06/28/2022 09:44 AM Actions
3115 Client Issues Resolved Normal Forward compatibility to Amd1 server with pre-assigned URCB/BRCB 06/14/2022 08:35 AM Actions
658 Client Issues Resolved Normal Verify Client does process a report before RptEna write respond+ 06/01/2021 08:23 AM Actions
6340 DNP Conformance Certificates DNP Conformance Certificate Approved Normal CYG SUNRI PRS-3351 05/19/2023 10:38 AM Actions
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