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# Project Tracker ID Source Status Priority Standard(s) Subject Updated
5970 IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Improvement 2022 f2F IOP In Progress Normal

IEC 61850-6

SCT behavior needs to be specified regarding mismatch between substation section and IED section 11/08/2022 08:24 AM Actions
5921 General Testing Issues Improvement Resolved Normal Start using Vendor and Lab Submission Information 09/06/2022 09:33 AM Actions
605 IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Improvement 4 H30 In Progress Normal

IEC 61850-10-3

Test and Simulation mode questions 06/21/2022 02:09 AM Actions
3098 IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Improvement 1 WG17 In Progress Normal Need to Change 8-1 to allow multiple DOs to be written 03/29/2022 09:36 AM Actions
633 IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Improvement 1 ZIV In Progress Normal

IEC 61850-7-2

Initial values of paramRev and valRev 04/13/2021 09:50 AM Actions
626 IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force Improvement 23 RTE In Progress Normal

IEC 61850-6

Extension of P-type to describe connexion type (PhysCon) 03/02/2021 09:51 AM Actions
5917 Server Issues Resolved Urgent 'Expected result' for some test cases of CB9b: GOOSE subscribe 10/18/2022 08:59 AM Actions
636 Client Issues Resolved High Mandate RCB reservation for Ed2.0 client and Amd1 server 04/20/2021 02:23 PM Actions
6527 SCL Tooling Issues New Normal ICT Ed2.1 Certificate template mismatches 09/18/2023 07:16 AM Actions
6526 SCL Tooling Issues New Normal Revision 0.7 (final draft) should be 1.0 09/18/2023 06:53 AM Actions
6525 SCL Tooling Issues New Normal Ed2.1 tTf4 and tTf5 expected result mismatch 09/18/2023 06:50 AM Actions
6520 SCL Tooling Issues New Normal ICT Ed2.1 refers to TICS but there no part 6 tissues 09/12/2023 09:49 AM Actions
6473 Server Issues In Progress Normal Inconsistency in LPHD requirements - Tissue 1752 09/08/2023 09:08 AM Actions
6519 Server Issues In Progress Normal Need to be able to test 61850-7-420 (Ed2.1) 09/08/2023 08:53 AM Actions
6518 Server Issues In Progress Normal Functional constraint object non-volatility ambiguous - TISSUE 1822 09/05/2023 08:52 AM Actions
6483 Server Issues Resolved Normal Need to be able to test 61850-7-420 09/05/2023 08:14 AM Actions
6489 GOOSE Performance Issues New Normal Reducing the needed resources for time correlated subscribed GOOSE not used for ping-pong 09/05/2023 08:08 AM Actions
6517 IEC 61850 TPWG Issues New Normal Create TF to start SCT Ed2.1 test procedures. 09/05/2023 08:04 AM Actions
6472 Server Issues Rejected Normal Concept of smpRate for input analogue signal acquisition is misleading (Tissue 1857) 08/22/2023 08:22 AM Actions
6490 Client Issues Resolved Normal UCAiug requires Ed2Amd1 Jan 2024 - expect testlabs/toolvendors need more time 08/22/2023 08:16 AM Actions
6455 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvs4 test case in TP1.2 needs further udpate after #5130, PIXIT entry Svs3 needs update as well 08/22/2023 08:12 AM Actions
6471 Client Issues Resolved Normal Select.response+ (Tissue 1753) 08/22/2023 08:10 AM Actions
6465 GOOSE Performance Issues Resolved Normal The Ed2 GOOSE performance also apply for Ed2Amd1 08/08/2023 08:42 AM Actions
6470 Server Issues Resolved Normal SynchSrcID support mandatory for devices that support IEC 61850-9-3 (tissue 1692) 08/08/2023 08:41 AM Actions
6469 Server Issues Resolved Normal Type and size of Length field value (TLV) encoding in SV 07/25/2023 08:14 AM Actions
6280 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSBOes8 check Cancel consistency with SelectWithValue 07/25/2023 08:12 AM Actions
6453 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvs8 the minimum svID length 4chars is not right against test case sSvp14 07/25/2023 08:09 AM Actions
6463 Client Issues Resolved Normal cSrv7, cSvrN3 some clients only read DA (not DO) 07/25/2023 08:07 AM Actions
6464 Client Issues Resolved Normal cSrv5 change the condition to GetDataValues or Reporting 07/11/2023 08:38 AM Actions
6466 Server Issues Rejected Normal TP1.2 sSvs1 step 6 shall be removed 07/11/2023 08:33 AM Actions
6279 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSBOns8 - Test and Check in Cancel after Select request 07/11/2023 08:25 AM Actions
6365 Server Issues Rejected Normal Considering PTP version 2.1 07/11/2023 08:12 AM Actions
6324 SCL Tooling Issues Rejected Normal sCnf6 - not all extRef require intAddr not referring to external device 05/16/2023 08:44 AM Actions
6281 Server Issues Resolved Normal Templates for Ed. 2.1 conformance statements 05/16/2023 08:41 AM Actions
6278 Server Issues Resolved Normal Test case sSBOes1, sDOes1 miss referring to PIXIT entries 05/16/2023 08:28 AM Actions
6276 Server Issues Resolved Normal sGop13 does not consider that dataset with maximumAttributes number of FCD may be too big for GOOSE 05/16/2023 08:26 AM Actions
6268 Server Issues Resolved Normal sCtl5 step 6 and step10 expected result does not apply to control objects without physical output 05/16/2023 08:24 AM Actions
6327 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal tTf2 - export CID file only for Ed2.1? 05/16/2023 08:20 AM Actions
6326 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal tIie1 - remove step 10-14 to undo previous changes 05/16/2023 08:09 AM Actions
6325 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal PIXIT missing entries on tIie1 "when supported" 05/16/2023 08:04 AM Actions
6323 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal tTtf5 IED name=None is not allowed tissue #1365 05/02/2023 08:20 AM Actions
6255 Server Issues Resolved Normal ED2.0 TP2.0.6 has sGos23 but PIXIT template misses the entry Gs13 while in TP1.2 ED2.1 the Gs13 has Amd1 Ed only 03/21/2023 08:27 AM Actions
6208 Server Issues Rejected Normal sSvsN2 in TP1.2 does not check the situation where the DUT checks ConfRev 03/21/2023 08:20 AM Actions
6291 Server Issues Resolved Normal sGos13 - Remove/deprecate PIXIT Gs12 03/21/2023 08:07 AM Actions
6269 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSrv9, sSrv10: change Table 3 to Table D.1 reference 03/21/2023 07:13 AM Actions
6277 Server Issues Resolved Normal sCtl4 (stSeld) shall be mandatory in Ed2 Amend 1 03/21/2023 04:49 AM Actions
6210 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvs4 remove PIXIT entry Svs3 02/21/2023 08:09 AM Actions
6174 Server Issues Rejected Normal Amend sCtl7 to test both interlocking check and check synchronizing ? 02/07/2023 08:24 AM Actions
6203 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvs6 - Test configuration does not consider available bandwidth 02/07/2023 08:19 AM Actions
6193 Server Issues Resolved Normal sRpN5 does not test for the case where URCBs are association based (non-indexed). 02/07/2023 08:17 AM Actions
6201 Server Issues Resolved Normal Merge sCnf and sMdl changes from ICT to Server 02/07/2023 08:07 AM Actions
6211 Server Issues Resolved Normal TP1.2 Certificate tempalte makes sSvP12 mandatory while it shall be optional 01/24/2023 09:00 AM Actions
6213 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvsN1 - confRev-1 not possible for backwards config 01/24/2023 08:59 AM Actions
6214 Server Issues Resolved Normal ED2 sCtl14 refer to PIXIT entry Ct16 which is a ED1 only PIXIT entry 01/24/2023 08:55 AM Actions
6227 Server Issues Resolved Normal sDoc5 GSESettings/SMVsettings apply for SendGOOSE/SMVmessage not SetGoCBValues/SetMsvCBValues 01/24/2023 08:44 AM Actions
6192 Server Issues Resolved Normal Polarity of neutral in WYE 01/24/2023 08:37 AM Actions
6200 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal tTf1 change Ed2/2007B to Ed2.1/2007B4 01/24/2023 08:33 AM Actions
6206 Server Issues Rejected Normal Type and size of Length field value (TLV) encoding in SV 01/11/2023 06:19 AM Actions
6198 Server Issues Resolved Normal How to interpret SCL with Services element in the IED and in the AccessPoint? 01/10/2023 08:51 AM Actions
6169 Server Issues Resolved Normal verify IED can subscribe to GOOSE/SV from ServerAt accesspoint 01/10/2023 08:35 AM Actions
6188 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSBOns8 does not consider PIXIT Ct13 12/13/2022 08:38 AM Actions
6172 Client Issues Resolved Normal client check bits must be tested 12/13/2022 08:34 AM Actions
5961 Server Issues Resolved Normal sCtl16 shall specify LocSta/MltLev to match with table B.1 12/13/2022 08:08 AM Actions
6157 Server Issues Resolved Normal sCnf/sMdl not applicable for test equipment 11/29/2022 08:37 AM Actions
5914 Server Issues Resolved Normal Verify that LPHD.Sim is not affected by LLN0.Beh 11/29/2022 08:20 AM Actions
5926 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal Review ICT TP 11/29/2022 07:23 AM Actions
652 Server Issues Resolved Normal Publisher can use maximum number of dataset elements 11/01/2022 09:04 AM Actions
5347 Server Issues Resolved Normal How should time correlated GOOSE change status in GOOSE Performance test 10/04/2022 09:11 AM Actions
5910 Server Issues Resolved Normal Need to test that IEDs support 1 Step and 2 Step clocks: IOP 2022 10/04/2022 09:04 AM Actions
5959 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvp3 remove random and allow synSourceID=TRUE for backwards compatible config 10/04/2022 09:01 AM Actions
5958 Server Issues Resolved Normal sTm2 allow a more accurate Time Accuracy as documented 10/04/2022 08:57 AM Actions
5912 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSrv6 checking the read-only part is always applicable 10/04/2022 08:54 AM Actions
5956 Server Issues Resolved Normal sBr23 should not reference TISSUES 1467, 1477 which are finalized as N/A 10/04/2022 08:46 AM Actions
5957 Server Issues Resolved Normal sRp16 should not reference TISSUE 1332, it was finalized as N/A 10/04/2022 08:46 AM Actions
5905 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSrvN4 is mandatory, used SetDataValues service is optional in PICS and may not be not supported 09/06/2022 09:05 AM Actions
5948 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSvp22 detail is missing in TP1.2 (editorial) 09/06/2022 08:48 AM Actions
5954 Server Issues Resolved Normal sGop10 detail test missing 09/06/2022 08:47 AM Actions
5906 Server Issues Rejected Normal sCnf51 at least one LPHD 09/06/2022 08:20 AM Actions
5913 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSrvN1e and sSrvN3 change condition SCL FC=CF/DC/SP with valKind=Set 08/09/2022 08:48 AM Actions
5362 Server Issues Resolved Normal sGop2 and sGop4 check minimum MinTime and minimum MaxTime 08/09/2022 08:45 AM Actions
5120 SCL Tooling Issues Resolved Normal LGOS/LSVS reference with functional naming (SCL) 08/09/2022 08:40 AM Actions
5907 Server Issues Resolved Normal sCtl26 - Cancel a direct control object 08/09/2022 08:24 AM Actions
5371 Server Issues Resolved Normal Scope of the test is limited to a given NSD release. 06/29/2022 02:11 AM Actions
5327 Client Issues Resolved Normal PIXIT - add processing/mapping of quality bits 06/28/2022 09:44 AM Actions
3115 Client Issues Resolved Normal Forward compatibility to Amd1 server with pre-assigned URCB/BRCB 06/14/2022 08:35 AM Actions
5326 Server Issues Resolved Normal sSBOes8 incorrectly requires addCause=blocked-by-mode 06/14/2022 08:34 AM Actions
5344 Server Issues Rejected Normal sBr29 power-up the IED is missing 06/02/2022 04:12 PM Actions
5328 Server Issues Resolved Normal sFt2ab issues with "directory" files 06/02/2022 03:07 PM Actions
5337 Server Issues Resolved Normal Independence of GOOSE subscriber timeouts is not tested 06/02/2022 03:06 PM Actions
5343 Server Issues Resolved Normal sGosN2 remove PIXIT Gs5 06/02/2022 03:05 PM Actions
5356 Server Issues Resolved Normal PIXIT entries mandated by 61850-8-1 but missing in PIXIT 06/02/2022 03:02 PM Actions
5138 Server Issues Rejected Normal sBr13 without pre-assignment 12/13/2021 04:43 AM Actions
748 Server Issues Resolved Normal sGos9 use SPS when INS subscribe is not supported 07/27/2021 10:07 AM Actions
658 Client Issues Resolved Normal Verify Client does process a report before RptEna write respond+ 06/01/2021 08:23 AM Actions
6488 GOOSE Performance Issues Resolved Low Incorrect reference 09/05/2023 08:08 AM Actions
6491 Server Issues Resolved Low Incorrect reference 08/08/2023 08:53 AM Actions
6320 Server Issues Resolved Low Ct24 description uses not defined in the standard term: Internal Controllable Objects 05/02/2023 08:13 AM Actions
657 Server Issues Resolved Low Publish/subscribe enum with negative value 03/21/2023 08:09 AM Actions
656 Server Issues Resolved Low Publish/subscribe enum with value > 127 03/21/2023 08:09 AM Actions
653 Server Issues Rejected Low Subscriber can use maximum number of dataset elements 01/24/2023 09:03 AM Actions
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